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ByAnnie Sew in Magnet Set of Two HARMAGNTWO

Super strong magnetic snaps for an invisible closure to your purse, handbag, or clutch.

In this package you get two (2) sets of magnets (two positives and two negatives) and,
as a plus, a handy little case that you can reuse for pins or anything else small.
The magnet packaging is bar coded for easy sale and can either be hung on a wall or stood up on a shelf.

Perfect for purses, bags, backpacks and more.
Get a professional looking closure without special tools.
Simplified installation with invisible results
Rather than mounting snaps with prongs to the front of your fabric in plain view, these snaps
are sewn to the back of your lining fabric so will be hidden between the lining and exterior fabric.

Because the magnets in these snaps are SO strong, it is important that the
magnet be covered with fabric to prolong wear. Otherwise the vinyl setting squar
e can tear and allow the magnets to come loose.

If you are installing these sew-in magnets on pre-quilted fabric, we suggest covering each side of the magnet with a facing.
Our patterns that use these snaps include detail instructions for this.