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Sew Let's Quilt It is losing a beloved employee to relocation! :(

7989 Belt Line Rd, Ste. 142
Dallas, TX 75248

Hello from the staff over at Sew Let's Quilt It.  After 10 years of loyal service, we are losing one of our beloved employees to relocation.  Jan has been the heart and soul of our business for many years, always greeting customers with a friendly face, eager to help them find whatever they need.  Her contagious laughter has filled our store with happiness, and her open and kind heart has inspired us in so many ways.  Jan has been an asset to our store, working hard to make beautiful custom and memory quilts for customers, as well as sharing her knowledge and experience in all things sewing and embroidery.  We are saddened to see her go.  She will be very much missed within the walls of this quilt shop as well as our hearts, but we are happy for her that she will be able to move closer to her family to help.

We want to give you the opportunity to come and visit with her, anytime during normal business hours.  We are unsure how much longer she will be working for us, as it all depends on how quickly her house sells.  Please help us celebrate Jan, and let her know how much you have enjoyed her customer service, her advice, or her friendship, and let her know she will be missed!  We have picked up a beautiful box, and would love to fill it with cards and letters that she will be able to take with her to open after she settles into her new home in Arkansas.  Our hope is that she will be able to take these memories with her and treasure them, and hopefully not forget about all her friends here in Texas!

Feel free to call the store to make sure Jan will be in on the day when you would like to visit.  Calling the same day, or calling to find out about the next day would be best, as she may have to suddenly take time away to deal with selling or buying a home.  We may not be able to know for sure which days she will be here, too far in advance.  You may also mail a card or letter to the shop at:

7989 Belt Line Road, Suite 142
        Dallas, TX. 75248

Please make sure to address all mail to Jan Erickson, and we will make sure that it gets in the box.  The box will remain at the store for as long as she is able to work for us, and any letters received after she leaves will be forwarded once we know her new address.  If you would like to stay in touch, please make sure to include your contact information so she will have it.  Also, feel free to include a photo of you so she never forgets our smiling faces!