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Edge to Edge Quilting and Custom Quilting

We provide professional computerized machine quilting using an APQS Millennium longarm quilting machine along with an Intelliquilter computerized quilting system. These machines together make it possible to have a consistent pattern from start to finish. We can do simple, computer-generated, edge to edge quilting or custom, block-by-block quilting. If we don’t have a pattern that you like available we can order one you do like.


No pinning or basting is necessary.

Please do not embellish the top with buttons or crystals before quilting.

Clip and remove all loose threads from the back of the pieced top. They can get trapped between the top and batting and show through to the front of the finished quilt.

Press, press, press (not iron, which can stretch seams) seams flat on the quilt top. (I will press for a fee but not just as a rule.)

Backing needs to be at least 3 to 5 inches bigger on all sides than your top. For example, if your quilt top measures 50" x 60", you will need to add 6" to both of these numbers for a backing that measures 56" x 66".  Slightly larger than this is okay, but please trim your backing down if it is excessively large. Extra length is usually not a problem, but excessive width may need to be cut down before we can longarm your quilt.  We can cut down your backing, but it will incur an extra fee.  If the back needs to be seamed together, the selvages must be removed from these seams. (Selvages can cause the machine to miss stitches.) You may leave selvages on the outside edges. Also press the entire backing and seams. ( We can also prep the backing for you for a fee.)

Borders should be flat. If not, this may cause tucks and pleats to fix the fullness. There are helpful instructions available to correctly measure and apply your borders to lesson the possibility of waves. It would be terrible to put all the hours into your quilt top to have the borders detract from the finished product. (Click here for a downloadable pdf about Applying Borders.)

Batting is available at the studio for purchase if you have not yet purchased batting.  We carry Quilters Dream in two weights of cotton, 80/20, as well as two weights of polyester.  We will help you pick out the batting best suited for you and your project.  You can provide your own batting but we prefer it to be a cotton blend of good quality, in the appropriate size for your quilt.  Please do not bring in king size batting for a throw size quilt.  We can cut these down, but it will incur a fee.

Thread is available at the studio for a fee. It is important that the thread be one that will work with the machine so we prefer to use this thread. If we do not have the color you want we can order it.

We are able to make a custom label with a photograph. It is important to us that each quilt is documented on the back with the information of the maker, who it was made for or why it was made and also to name of the quilt or the pattern used in its construction.

APQS Millennium Longarm Machine Rental

Take a class and learn to use our APQS Millennium longarm quilting machine with its computerized Intelliquilter quilting system. Your quilts will have a consistent pattern from start to finish. Come take the class, rent the machine, and finish your large projects in our studio!


Before you can rent the Millennium machine you MUST take the basic class. Proper machine operation is the only way we are going to keep this machine running smoothly for everyone.

The class is from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm for $75.00, which includes, a set of zippers to speed up the renting time, and instruction on the use of the APQS Millennium machine. Instruction covers how to load a quilt on the frame, machine operation, and practice using the machine on quilts.


$20.00 per hour, using the machine in free-motion operation.

$25.00 per hour using the IQ computerized system for an edge to edge pattern.

Thread charge $12.00 per quilt.

Please use good quality batting. You are investing in your quilt; don't use products that are substandard. Thicker polyester battings may require machine adjustments that will add extra charges to your time. We carry packaged and 61" wide batting by the yard from Quilters Dream.

To schedule a time to rent the Millennium, call and talk to Patty at the studio (972-661-0044). We will do all that we can to accommodate you and your schedule.

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